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by: Maria Gemma Hilotin

Sometimes life takes us in directions we never thought we’ll be. When I dreamed of coming to the US, I never thought it would happen. But it did. Read more here.

Do you want to teach in New Mexico, USA? Because Teach-USA can help! Teach-USA is a legal entity here in the US. Yes, we thrive on relationships so we build relationships because we want everybody to win. Join us! Read more here.

Do you have that "deep-within-feeling", like, you just know that a dream has to come true?

If you dream of teaching in the US this SY18-19, Teach-USA, a US-based company, can help you! Read more here.

On the initial requirements page at Teach-USA site, I encourage teachers who dream of teaching in the US to be very clear with their why. Why they want to teach in the US, why school districts will hire them, and what is really their biggest WHY?

Why? Because it all starts with why. Read more here.

Yesterday, I had another principal "complain" about the lack of highly qualified teachers to do the job of teaching the students of New Mexico, USA.

Filipino teachers, can we fulfill that need for them? (Treat it as a mission, a calling, or a dream come true!)

Teach-USA is, maybe, all you need! Join us!


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