Teach-USA, LLC


Corazon Barsana and Maria Gemma Hilotin, the Executive Directors of Teach-USA, founded the employment facilitation agency in September 2017 after seeing the need for highly-qualified teachers in the state of New Mexico and the possibility of creating opportunities for Filipino teachers to teach in the USA.

Teach-USA forms strong partnerships with different host school districts in New Mexico and J1 visa sponsors as a legal third party agency. Teach-USA also taps the excellence of the Filipino teachers who are currently under the J1 program through teamwork and collaboration to support Teach-USA's vision of Win-Win-Win. A win for the schools of New Mexico, a win for Filipino teachers who dream of teaching in the USA, and most importantly a win for the students of New Mexico!

Corazon arrived in the New Mexico, USA in 2006 as a middle school math teacher. In school year 2007-2008 she moved to an elementary school where she found her fulfillment as a teacher. Their school got Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for three years in a row! After three years of classroom teaching, she moved to a high school to become an Instructional Coach. In July 2013 she became the Director of Support Services of a different school district, until June, 2018.

Gemma came to the USA from the Philippines in September 2007. She worked in New Orleans, Louisiana and in three school districts in New Mexico as a special education teacher and special education facilitator/IEP writer. Prior to being a full-time entrepreneur she worked with the New Mexico Public Education Department as an education administrator and Results Driven Accountability (RDA) project director from 2015 to 2018.

She is also the author of the books: Believe It to See It: Dreams Do Come True and Together Forever: 25 Lessons to Happily Ever After. Her books are available on Amazon.

Please check out her personal website at http://www.gemmahilotin.com

TEACH-USA is a *legal third party of J1 visa sponsors accredited by the US Department of State.

*Third party. A person or legal entity with whom a sponsor has executed a written agreement for the person or entity to act on behalf of a sponsor in the conduct of the sponsor's exchange visitor program. All entities that act on behalf of the sponsor in the conduct of the sponsor's exchange visitor program must execute written agreements with the sponsor that outline the full relationship between the entity and the sponsor on all matters involving the administration of the exchange visitor program. A sponsor's use of a third party does not relieve the sponsor of its obligations to comply, and to ensure third party compliance, with the provisions of this Part. Failure by any third party to comply with the regulations set forth in this Part or with any additional terms and conditions governing administration of the Exchange Visitor Program that the Department of State may from time to time impose will be imputed to the sponsor. Sponsors are required to ensure that third parties know and comply with all applicable provisions of these regulations.


Teach-USA, LLC is licensed in the city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA. License # 17-00016482. Business ID #5519144 New Mexico Secretary of State.