Teach-USA, LLC

Teach-USA forms strong partnerships with different host school districts in New Mexico and J1 visa sponsors as a legal third party agency. Teach-USA also taps the excellence of the Filipino teachers who are currently under the J1 program through teamwork and collaboration to support Teach-USA's vision of Win-Win-Win. A win for the schools of New Mexico, a win for Filipino teachers who dream of teaching in the USA, and most importantly a win for the students of New Mexico!


Maria Gemma Hilotin, the Executive Director of Teach-USA, founded the employment facilitation agency in September 2017 after seeing the need for highly-qualified teachers in the state of New Mexico and the possibility of creating opportunities for Filipino teachers to teach in the USA.

Please check her website at https://www.gemmahilotin.com.

TEACH-USA is a *legal third party of J1 visa sponsors accredited by the US Department of State.

*Third party. A person or legal entity with whom a sponsor has executed a written agreement for the person or entity to act on behalf of a sponsor in the conduct of the sponsor's exchange visitor program.


Teach-USA, LLC is licensed in the city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA.