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Hi Lauren,

I hope all is great. Someone gave me the link.

But there is an error in the news.

Teach-USA... Teachers and school administrators say Teach-USA charges $5,500 per client.

Teach-USA is charging $5000 , half of which is paid while they are teaching in the US so teachers do not have to take a loan and pay tons of interest from loan agencies in the Philippines. Total $5,000 not $5,500. Even if we only charge for one year, trusting relationships built as well as professional online communities and professional development continue with Teach-USA.

Actually one of our teachers was interviewed -Jemmry (he's in one of the photos), and yet all the good stories that he shared about TEACH-USA wasn't written at all. Sad.

I didn't know a lot about what was happening until I read this. So, thank you.

We wanted to focus on the good and opted to stay silent and let the teachers, themselves, speak about their experiences.

I truly believe Teach-USA is not part of the exploitation at all, our teachers can attest to that.

But, of course, we believe what we believe.




Lauren Villagran

Thanks for writing Gemma. I will reach out if I do a follow-up story. As you can see, it is very important to contribute on the front end, because a journalist can only work with the interviewees who respond. I spent months trying to reach you!

I did speak to Jemmry, but he was the only teacher who shared a positive experience. That is a testament to your work, I think. But I didn’t meet any other teachers placed by your agency.

Please stay in touch!