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Believe it to See it: Dreams Do Come True!

Teach-USA Batch 1 SY 18-19 - Pioneers!


Dreams do come true!!!


It was just an ordinary night when I was scrolling my FB newsfeed when I saw the post on Pinoy Teachers Stories. With its catchy illustration, I opened and read through some of its blogs- it talks about a life of being a teacher in a foreign land. It was really inspiring how the writer shared her experiences. I was moved by how she did turn challenges to opportunities.

And so down that page, there is another link which leads to a hiring website. There I found out the qualifications that they look for to become a teacher in the US - just like the writer who was once then.

Without any second thought, I started writing up responses for the initial screening. I submitted them online and I got on-time replies for those and the process had begun. When I went home that weekend, I told my parents about my application and they said, "Go for it." I am always grateful because they are so supportive of my decisions all the way.

The experiences I had with my application was not easy. I needed to travel to and fro just to be in a place where there is an internet connection so that I can reply to the collaborations. In the morning of the following day, I needed to get back to my workstation because my students were waiting for me.

I did these most of the weekdays for several weeks. I missed lunch most of the time...leaving the city late in the afternoon just to finish making accounts for the different hiring districts and continued receiving emails about filled/closed positions. All these never stopped me to continue believing God that He is in control of everything.

I let go all my worries and what ifs to Him until one morning I received an email from a district representative informing me that I am hired. What a wonderful sunny day to welcome it with a great news and blessing... I did not have to attend an interview! For the last minutes, things just turned upside down and they became favorable to me. Perhaps, God just taught me a lesson of how I should acknowledge Him in my life...that He operates to make things happen for me even if sometimes I felt like He is not there working. Indeed, Believe It To See It. God is on the move! #Teach-USA is the Best! #Beyond grateful. - RONEL REJUSO

Faith and Hope. My journey to the Land of the Free can be summarized by those words.

Faith It all started with faith. 2018 is our breakthrough year. We prayed to God for Him to lead us to our breakthrough and indeed through the Facebook ad, my wife's friend sent us a link of Teach-USA. I could say that I had doubts about the site. I also have my "what ifs" like "what if it's fake?" "what if it's a scam?" And the like. But faith in God out ruled all those doubts. My wife would always say... "Didn't we pray about it? "So why doubt the leading of God?" So I followed His leading. I submitted myself to the process.

Then it led me to the next word-Hope. Faith without hoping that things will come to you as how it was designed by God is futile. One must trust God who above all else! My wife and I claimed that I will be in the US and they (Ghing and Gabby) will follow soon. As I recall the moment I step down in the US soil. I can only thank Him for all that He has done. He led me to Teach-USA, a facilitating company as commonly known by you, but for us, its an extended family. A group of people who inspires others, to pursue and make our dreams a reality. A group of individuals who learned that one must believe it first in order to see its realization. Four months ago, it was only a dream but now, I myself, am a witness of God turned it into reality. God bless TEACH USA! -JEMMRY VELASQUEZ

Everyday I walk with a smile knowing that my dream to be in the US is now a reality. Life is a matter of choice,taking chances, venturing in greater opportunity, and submitting everything to God. I am proud of my self because I did all those things. I struggled hard to attain this beautiful smile and I am so blessed because there are a lot of people who did their best to make this dreams a reality. Ma'am Gemma and Ma'am Cora thank you so much. To my Teach-USA family, mga kapatid thanks for collaboration and encouragement.

So kayo, what are you waiting for!

Opportunity knocks only once,go go go grab it don't let it slip in your hand. - LENEBETH MORINO

Today my Life Begins… I don’t know exactly how this triumph is going to be articulated. Yes! This is hyperbole. But it’s just that I can’t imagine how this so called life becomes there’s more to life. No one can really underrate God’s perfect plan for us. Sometimes, it may not happen according to our desired timing, but in the right timeline, it will, it comes and it happens.

In fact, this isn’t the first time I intend to work abroad. Just two years ago, I applied for a teaching position in Japan. I spent a lot. I needed to go to Manila to undergo the hiring process because the agency where I was applying was situated in Makati. I was almost done with the whole process; on the contrary, I wasn’t able to come back there because it was on the same month that my father was diagnosed with a serious illness and a month after he died.

When it happened, I never doubted God. I just thought that it happened for a reason and for certain, God has a lot to offer, and it’s not the end of the universe yet. Though, the road was grassy, but I can see more than enough reasons that my life must go on. I didn’t give up on my dream. I am consistent with my prayer, asking God that one day, He will bestow upon me the instruments which will bring and lead me closer to what my heart has intently desired.

Fortunately, thru a recommendation from my college pal, God gave me Ma’am Corazon Barsana and Ma’am Gemma Hilotin. I can’t thank you enough for this new fate. You both are gifts from God for all of us here. I am certain that God will doubly bless you in return.

THANK YOU LORD. I acclaim that I am nothing, and you are everything. It’s an honor and pride to represent our country to the land of America. I am for you, and we are one in this very promising battle. - JAYPEE LOPRES

Teach-USA is an opportunity who knocks at my door many times. Many times because I almost let it pass by me. "How come a Filipino (bisdak) like me will go to US to teach American students?" Also, nobody referred me to Teach-USA. As someone coming from the farthest part of the island of Mindanao - Sarangani Province, it is almost impossible for me to raise enough funds.

But with God EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE for as long as you believe!

My husband supported me all the way. God provided for my needs more than I asked for! He gave me real friends who stood by me in this journey. I cannot thank them enough!

Indeed, God will bring you through. You should NEVER GIVE UP! Hold on to your dreams. You deserve it. Filipinos deserve the BEST! TEACH-USA is the BEST! - JAYBEE LOU ABARO - ANGELES

One thing I love Teach-USA is their faith - "Believe it and to See it!" It's my dream to teach in the United States of America and Teach-USA fulfilled my dream! Teach-USA provided true commitments and services to help aspiring applicants. No one was left behind because the process is very organized. God is the center of all collaborations and experiences. You will feel the true spirit of friendship is within. - ROQUE CANDELA

Each one of us has a dream: big, small, simple, impossible, hard and tough to achieve. It motivates us to go on, to continue to struggle in this game called life. My dream of teaching in the US started when I finished my Diploma in Special Education in 2009. Upon knowing that applications were too costly, it disappeared in just a wink of an eye. However, I also thought, “But, if others made it, why can't I?”

I am still holding on to my dream, this time I joined orientations of different agencies (good and bad) like Mayon, Renaissance, RAMASIA, be it for Canada or America. I even went to Manila several times because of these agencies. Honestly, I already paid huge amount of money to one of these agencies but it ended as victim of these swindlers! Sweet promises were made just to extort money from us. By God’s grace the money was returned to me by the agency thru DOLE. How powerful prayer is! Every time I arrive in Manila, I always visit Baclaran Church for a short prayer hoping that the money I brought will be put into a good soil.

Being a victim, I said to myself that teaching in the US was not, maybe, meant for me. I applied for promotions like: a) Reclassified SpEd Teacher, b) TIC, and c) MT. I know I am qualified for the position I was applying for but after struggling, nothing happened! My application for MT was submitted with complete documents in 2016 and up to now, I am still waiting for the ranking result. Some were promoted even if they lack the qualifications based on the given Civil Service Guidelines. There was only justifications given for their promotions. So unfair, right?

I said, “Lord what do you want me to do? I need to be economically stable because I have daughters to send to college and I also have aged parents to, at least, more often provide medicines?” “Why did you let this thing happen in fact I follow your will? I am not bad! You see me?”

Frustrations were pouring on me. I have been teaching myself to be contented with Teacher III and Teacher III I will be until I retire. But NO! NEVER!

Last year, I heard about Teach-USA from my friends in school. The dream of teaching in the US was awaken. However, the fear of being swindled again was always in my heart. I said, “No.”

After thorough investigations, I decided to start applying as a SpEd teacher. Anyway the agency wouldn’t ask money without reason. It is a basic requirement to have Credential Evaluation and Licensing. I started preparing my documents but when it was about to complete, my husband noticed that I was applying again. “You are only wasting money in that stuff! See? We even have not finished our house!” I told him to calm down and listen and allow me for this was my last and final attempt. To have peace at home, I stopped.

My husband was unaware that I was secretly pursuing my dream thus, I borrowed money for my credentialing and licensing from my relative and friend.

It is not an easy dream to fulfill specially in the manipulation of the computer. You need to know how to do it, for there are attachments in pdf which I did not encounter before. I only know some basics of this technology.

Doing online applications was a headache for me but I was able to send to, around 10 schools. I felt even dizzy in school during the day because I wouldn’t sleep without having applied at least 1 or 2 schools a night and it took me up to until 12 midnight.

There were messages posted by Ma'am Gemma to all applicants in the group as if hitting one’s heart and challenging one’s mind. One time she said, “Why apply to 2 or 3 schools only? What if you're meant to be part of the 30th school?” Lakas ng tama nito sa akin. So, I said ok go lng ng go!

After a lot more prayers and hoping for my turn, my heart jumped with joy and extended my arms upward saying, “Yes, Lord. You gave it now to me. This was your mysterious way of showing You were just beside me!”

Not to brag, I lost 120k for the application in Canada, no refund either. I did not lament on that honestly. It was a risk. I said why worry if I lost money for it… I still have my dreams, I still have my hopes and I still have my LIFE. They say, “Habang may buhay may pag-asa.”

I left everything to God. Everything. My happy and sad moments, my life. They are all His.

So for those who are young (irony) like me, NEVER STOP DREAMING! Gooooo…no retreat no surrender! Never take problems and trials as hindrances but take them as your challenges to continue to struggle, to continue your journey toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

Wala sa edad ang mangarap, hindi sa iyong katayuan o estado sa buhay kundi nasa iyong determinasyon, sa iyong pagsisikap, sa iyong tiwala sa sarili at sa mga taong nagmamahal sa iyo, higit sa lahat ang pinaka importante ay ang TIWALA SA DIYOS.

Salamat sa mga pillars ng Teach-USA, kay Ma'am Gemma, Ma'am Cora, and sa lahat-lahat po. Sabay nating lakbayin ang mga bundok at ipanalangin na ma abot natin ang ating iisang pangarap. Dahil sa pangarap na ito dito tayo pinagbubuklod kaya sama-sama tayong magdarasal na marating at ating mithiin.

God bless TEACH-USA! Mabuhay tayong lahat! - ROSEMARIE DASIAN


(The Journey That Made Me Closer To God)

I am here because of God’s generosity and promise. I am a proactive dreamer and I dreamt of working in the USA and now I still couldn’t believe that I am here. I started my application in other agency but when I saw Ma’am Gemma’s FB posts, I never hesitated asking her and to my surprise she is very accommodating and although she knew that I applied in another agency, she still supported me and even encouraged me to continue my application with the other agency.

I decided to continue my journey to TeachUSA. (I asked permission to the owner of the agency that I will entertain other agencies too and the owner wished me luck). TeachUSA is a family. I have email friends and also FB friends. They all believe in God. What more could I ask for? These are God-given people headed by our fairy god-mothers Ma’am Gemma and Ma’am Cora. February 2018, I focused on TeachUSA then with God’s grace on May 2018 I got an offer and on July 24, 2018 I, together with my amazing wife, touched down to the US soil. So easy right? Wrong. You see, this is like pictures you post in Facebook wherein you were not able to show the behind-the-scene moments of it.

And here is the behind-the-scene pictures of my journey.

To tell you honestly, I was bombarded by financial challenges, who doesn’t? But mine is a quite challenging. You do the math. I was fooled to invest 400k, 52k and 155k to people whom I trust. I would not go over the details because the pain just kept coming back again. You see, I applied in TeachUSA practically without money on hand but it never deterred me because my God is relentless and unstoppable.

My God is awesome and He sends people to help me. He sustains and provides me. I never doubted Him. All of the expenses God assigned someone to help me out. I just remembered God’s promise that He would prosper us, give us hope and future. (Jeremiah 29:11). And He did. We sacrificed to leave our 3 amazing kids for a while but soon the plan of taking them here is our priority because God wants to see a happy family.

I am sure with God’s guidance, providence and promise we will prosper here in God-given Navajo City, New Mexico USA. I am praying that you will achieve your dreams too, maybe it is also here in New Mexico. So, I am inviting you. Let us share New Memories and New Moments in the land of enchantment New Mexico.

To God be the glory always and forever. - JAYSON TIMTIMAN

Everything Happens for a Reason and in God's Perfect Time!

I was just an ordinary trisikad (pedicab) driver, market vendor, and kargador back then who once dreamed to have a quality and stable job. After graduating college (thru our school's academic scholarship and very generous samaritan who helped me), I got my dream job - a Teacher.

I never thought of working abroad before since I was overwhelmed with the happenings of my life when i got my pay already, that I was able to experience great things like traveling, riding an airplane, going to Manila, and all which I thought were only in my dreams.

My dream of going to US started when 1 of my friends (co-teacher) was hired in Texas as a Math Teacher. Upon looking at his pictures during his stay in US (esp when he went to NASA - my dream place to visit), I really said that someday I can go there as well. I asked him about how to apply to teach and he gave me their agency's website. I tried but I stopped since I didnt have my passport yet.

Just this year, I am very thankful to my co-teacher, my friend, and my mentor in school Ms. Leizl Jurado. I just visited their faculty room that time when she asked me if I want to apply for a teaching position in US. I answered that I want to but I don't know how will I make it and how to do it. She then referred me to TEACH-USA. She guided me on how to apply in Teach-USA and what website to check. There were times that I want to give up due to financial reasons but she is always there to help me. She always said that "God will always provide because He knows that our intention is good". I thank her enough because if it wasn't for her, I can't make it.

The struggle was real but God allowed me to be successful in the end. Finally, I said, God super duper thank you, you are really the best! - LAMBERTO GEOLIN JR.

My story is like any other success story, it’s like a typical fairy tale where a prince happily lived with the princess or a drama where the main character meets success. Your story perhaps is the same as my story. It is somehow the same as when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. I have been dreaming of this for 8 long years that I have never expected that this year is going to be a blast.

It was March 21, 2018 when I happily signed the job offer from my school district. Among all the applicants of TeachUsa I am the first person to be interviewed and be offered a job. My heart is filled with joy and I rejoice for thanksgiving, for I know this is all part of God’s plan for me and my family.

Patience is indeed a value that will keep us going. For me, it is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. For how many months of persistently waiting, finally, I made it. We may have doubts the moment we started this journey, but when we feed our faith we definitely starve our doubts. I am more than thankful to God for making me realize that life is about trusting Him more, serving him more and worrying less. To my family, friends, colleagues, my Teach-USA family with Ma'am Cora and Ma'am Gemma there are so many things my heart wants to say to you, all of which can be summed up in just three words... Thanks for everything! JADE CALLAO

Taong 2009, umalis nang bansang Pilipinas ang Mama namin papuntang USA. Last year 2017, ay may open heart surgery si mama. Dalawang beses akong nag-attempt na magpainterview sa US Embassy Manila pero hindi ako binigayan ng visit visa dahil ako ay Teacher. Sa kagustuhan ko na makasama ang mama ko kahit sandali lang, humanap ako ng paraan para makapasok sa U.S territory.

Sa tulong ng Teach-USA natupad ang pangarap na muli kung mayakap ang mama ko, kakambal ko, mga pamangkin at bayaw ko. Kasabay rin nito ang pagtupad ng pangarap ko ang maging guro dito sa USA. Sa may mga pangarap na katulad ko sa pamilya ay sa bahay hindi ako matakot isumugal ang pera at panahon ko dahil sa TeachUsa panalo ang kinabukasan. Samahan nyo ako ay sabay sabay natin tuparin ng masaya ang mga pangarap natin dahil ang TeachUsa ay tutulungan at gagabayan tayo hanggang sa dulo ng mga pangarap natin sa buhay. Abot langit ang aking pasasalamat sa Teach-USA Family! - ROSALIMA PAGUIO

It’s been more than a month that I am praying, dreaming and hoping that one day Ms. Gemma will post her congratulatory message for me and by the grace of God, it happened this morning. I can’t believe that I saw my name already in our secret group!

I would like to say thank you to Ms. Gemma for finding a job for me since a job opening for computer or technology teacher is quite rare. My interview was scheduled last April 20 at 5am (Philippine Time). We used Google Hangouts for the interview and I was shocked when I learned that four persons will interview me; three on-cam and the other one off-cam. All of my sleepiness went away and the this-is-it feeling slowly sank into my system. I kept myself calm and answered their questions driectly. I became relaxed when I saw that they are interested in and enjoying with my responses. I shared to them also about the skills I can offer outside the classroom, like I can be of help in their sports program and I can coach many sports.

Thank you Ms. Gemma and Ms. Cora for all the wonderful things that you have done to us and for all the efforts and patience in assisting us. God bless the both of you and the TEACH-USA. CARLA YSON

Believe it to See it! It is for real but still I can't believe that it is.

Parang panaginip pa rin kahit totoo na! It wasn't easy. Ang dami kong takot na dinaanan. The only strength I hold onto is God's promise that wherever He brings me to, He will get me through and yes! How amazingly He works! Thanks, Teach-USA for changing my paradigm and for being my angels in disguise.

Mabuhay po kayo! - MARIA EDLYN ESPIRITU

Dreams will remain dreams unless one builds things around the purpose of turning that dream into a reality. In my quest to fulfill my dreams, I relied on faith, hard work and constant motivation from my family. I drew inspiration from my family and from the comfort of knowing that, win or lose, they would always have my back. When my dreams start to dim, I pushed on and never give up because I know there is something good waiting for me.

My quest for better career opportunities started early on, but things got rolling when I applied for teaching jobs in the link shared by my Aunt and when Maam Gemma and Maam Cora replied my email. I dont know why but right from the start, I was optimistic that I would get an interview. I prayed and waited patiently for the opportunity of being interviewed by a potential employer. True enough my prayers were unexpectedly answered last April 17, 2018.

My gratitude at being given this opportunity is beyond measure. I could not believe that God could jam-pack a huge amount of blessing, from interview to recommendation, all in one day!

My gratitude extends to you Maam Cora, Maam Gemma, and my fellow aspirants. Your feedback, inspiration, motivation, open communication and collaboration indeed instrumental to this milestone, not only in my career, but most of all to the life of my family. Rest assured that I will not put to waste the trust that you have reposed on my capabilities as a teacher. After all is said, from the bottom of my heart, good luck to all of us and “Daghang Salamat.” GERALDINE MINEZ

Ready na? Ready na? Aha! Aha!

That is how I set the mood of my students everytime I start a lesson and even I start a program in school as the master of ceremony but this time, I think I am needing this one for myself. Am I really ready?

Around October 2018, someone told me about TEACH USA. She told me to apply and then right away, I applied for that. I was thinking for another chance to prove myself worthy to go to USA. I answered the inquiry questions related to teaching posted in the website then I sent it to the given email addresses. On the next day, Ma’am Gemma and Ma’am Cora already replied to me and giving me a brief background about TEACH USA as an agency. So I got amazed and enlightened for about 30 % assurance. So I continued my journey, they discussed to me through email about the phases that I should take on during the process. From then on, I took every phase step by step. I loaned for money to pay for the expenses just to be on time on the phase that I’m taking. I always remind myself to be on time and not to delay in anything else.

God as the center of my life. We will never be left behind if we have God in our hearts. With the whole process, I just realized that hard work, optimism , perseverance, determination and strong faith to God can lead to a positive result. Believe in it because I have done it already. I always pray and pray everyday. No days that I didn’t have prayers that enlightens me in journey to USA. As I read the Bible in the Book of M ark 11:24 , “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” I keep on pondering with this everyday that serves as my guiding light towards my mission there in New Mexico.

Thank you God for the fulfillment I am feeling right now. I know this is God's plan to me and I will use this as my guiding path to make a difference to my students in New Mexico.

A million thanks to Ma’am Gemma and Ma’am Cora for everything you have done to me. Thank you for the love, care, support and trust you have shown and shared to me. You are both so amazing. Your dedication to help us who are strangers in your sight are very unconditional like what God has given us. Thank you also to my colleague who shared TEACH-USA and to my co-applicant who is also from the same division. Let us now soar high and aim for success!

All things are made to be possible if we will trust God all the time because He is good.

To God be the Glory! BETHOVEN OBATE

(Deep breath..hmmm) yesss!!! thank you Lord!!!

For 7 months since I applied with Teach-USA, I keep chanting ang praying every part of the day in my work place or when I’m teaching for this day to come.

Mark 11:24

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

These three lines have been and will always be my guiding spirit for me to be able to overcome the challenges that came and will come as I continue to fulfill my dreams to teach in NM, USA.

Thanks be to God! For all these bountiful blessings!😇

Special thanks to Mam Gemma and Mam Cora for guiding, supporting, and being agents of our dreams. Thank you to my colleague from the same division who shared Teach-USA to me. My sincerest thanks. (You know who you are) 😘

To the my fellow aspirants, keep calm and always pray. Study, study and study and take note of the possible interview questions posted by Mam Gemma and Mam Cora. We can all do this by God’s grace. KRISTINSKI BAGNOL

On my way to airport Cebu-Manila, lahat ng traffic lights ay Green which mean Go (go to NM) pagkasakay ko ng plane, seat #8 ako, dun palang sabi na 00 (read 8 horizontally)

Imagine, sinundo pa ko ng pinsan ko sa Phil. Navy sya naassign tapos walking distance lang to US embassy.

Kumain kami, agahan tanghalian at hapunan.. dinala pa nya ako sa Quiapo at Recto..All for free swerte ko naman pati sa hotel na tinutuloyan ko sya nagbayad.

Tas pumunta kami sa Mc Kinley. Ito na naman.. Mc kinley eh ito ung school district... Naman c Lord nalulula na ako sa sign nya... Truly, I am blessed! My visa was approved!

So whats great in this group (TeachUSA) is that we are taught to collaborate and pray each for everyone's success. Together Forever tayo sa NM! AIDA TAPDASAN

The greatest asset of a school is the positivity personality of a teacher...

Lets make it happen in NM. Thank you TEACH-USA! GLEIZI MARIE PEPITO

Just a sharing to all, I had a nice experience last April 5. I was interviewed by a principal who was very accommodating and kind but i was terrified with how she talks, she speaks too fast and i felt nervous that i may not be able to answer the questions correctly, until it became a normal conversation. At the end she told me that she will just email the result the following day. I am so thankful I got the job! I truly believe in the power of prayers, positive mind and sincere heart. I owe this blessing to our Lord and to all of you who are supporting and praying for my success. Thank you TEACH-USA!😊😊😊 DAISYREE ENRIQUEZ

It’s a fact that going to America is not that easy! That’s exactly what's on my mind! However, things suddenly changed when God has led me to this path!

I believe with God’s guidance, nothing is impossible. That’s true! It needs a leap of faith to reach what you think is impossible!

It was April when I submitted my application. Time flies so fast and I was hired in June. For me, it was an impossible dream that came true. After hardships and beating the deadlines, July came. It was my time to fly to the US. I was happy at the same time, I felt sad. Happy, because this was what I have been waiting for all my life and sad because I will be leaving my family behind for some time but deep in my heart I know this was just temporary because I am determined to take them here in the US.

God is so great because He has sustained me and my family. He has provided everything I needed in this endeavor. Now, I am so happy for providing me everything and guiding me to the right persons, and right agency, the Teach-USA. I am so thankful for Ma'am Cora and Ma'am Gemma for their support and encouragement.

To everyone who wants to pursue their dream, all I can say is that, don’t be afraid to take risks because God will always be there to provide everything you need including people who will guide and help you along the way and will make your dream come true! God bless everyone! God bless Teach-USA! - JENNY LLAGAS

It was just a try but became a reality, it may be a dream but i never believe it would come true... And here i am now in a place i never believe i can go...

God has His own way of making a person's wish to come true in another form...

I may have left important people behind but this is for them....

I love you all...

Thank you so much Lord... Thank you TEACH-USA! GENEVI ACABAL