Are you ready for your US adventure?


STEP 2: Share your reasons why you are applying

Why do you want to teach in the US? What is your biggest WHY?

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STEP 3: Answer the 8 questions below : (Please copy and paste)

1. Are you an education graduate? If not, do you have a Certificate/Diploma in Professional Education?

2. Are you currently teaching in your home country?

3. Do you have a current and valid teaching license from your home country?

4. Do you possess sufficient proficiency and command of the English language to teach effectively?

5. Do you have at least five years of full-time teaching experience?

6. Are you of good reputation and character?

7. Are you physically fit and mentally healthy and have no pending cases, or have you been convicted of any crimes?

8. Do you currently hold a J1 visa, or have you ever participated in the U.S. Department of State's Cultural Exchange Program?

STEP 4: Attach your RESUME in pdf form

STEP 5: Subject Line

Use H1B Program/Filipino/{Subject}{Your Name} as your Subject when you compose your email if you are a FILIPINO applicant.

Use H1B Program /{Your Race}/{Subject}{Your Name} as your Subject when you compose your email if you are a NON-FILIPINO applicant.