Do you ever dream of teaching in the US?

Do you want to make a significant change in your life?

Do you have that deep-within feeling calling you to experience more? 

If yes, then let us help you through the process!

Since SY 18-19, Teach-USA has helped hundreds of teachers achieve their dream of teaching in the US and creating better lives for themselves and their families!

The Teach-USA Wise-Up Collaboration Program is the better option if you are not financially able, money is tight, and you are economically disadvantaged

Why? Because this program is the CORE training that would bridge you to your US dreams!

If you are eager to know what more God has in store for you, if you are ready for your infinite possibilities, and if you want to achieve your dreams soon, then this program is for you!

Note: J1 sponsorship application process ON GOING.

The Teach-USA Wise-Up Collaboration Program provides the opportunity, professional development, and preparation to equip international teachers for cultural and educational exchange opportunities in the United States.

Are you a teacher who aspires to be more? 

Are you a teacher who is ready for something new?

Are you a teacher who wonders what is possible in your life?

In this online program, Teach-USA will teach you the steps, strategies, and mindset that have helped hundreds of teachers land a US teaching job and change their lives!

And that knowledge made many teachers' dreams come true!

You'll need solid gear-up as you prepare for your US adventure! Teach-USA will help you get on the right track early in the process.

Teach-USA's powerful exercise will help enlighten, educate, and give you a voice to make your employers love you!

In case you haven't noticed...

You stand out above the crowd when you know how to respond, captivate, and draw people to your thinking. Stop being average and rock it!

These competencies are a must-have if you dream of teaching in the US! Nothing beats a prepared mind. When you are mentally ready, you have the world in your hands!

While mental preparation gets you to step ahead, an open, courageous, and expectant heart creates an unshakeable, fierce, and magnetic pull that allows you to sprint toward achieving your goals.

Walk by faith. Do your very best and work your hardest. Trust fully. Work hard in silence. Sacrifice. Let go and allow God to be God. No excuses. Be very grateful. You are worthy of your dream!

The Teach-USA Wise-Up Collaboration Program helps teachers like you to achieve your US dream - either through the J1 or H1B visa! 

This program gets you  - on your terms, proactively, and wisely -  to the most exciting adventure of your life- your US adventure

Move out of your box, and you'll know that nothing is impossible! 

Challenge your mind to see the light ahead, and know in your heart that God has a purpose for this yearning!

When you join the Wise-UP Collaboration Program today, you'll get it for $257. 

That's right. For just $257, Teach-USA is offering the heart of our program to teachers who dream of teaching in the US!

The value of this program is $1750, but we are offering it at a massive discount for all international teachers!

Teach-USA's mission is to empower and inspire teachers to believe in their dreams! The very purpose of this program is to get you to see the roots and wings and propel you to become the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams!

Teach-USA believes that a teacher with solid know-how, the correct mindset, and motivation is a winner!

Are you fiercely committed to making your dreams happen soon?

Follow your heart and join us!


The Teach-USA Wise-Up Program is the Intellectual Property of Teach-USA. All information is confidential, not for public sharing or reposting, and for PAID members only.

There is no deadline or due date. You can work at your own pace, and the program is all online.

Best of all, it will jump-start your success and could be life-changing.

You have lifetime access to the Wise-UP Collaboration Program. 

We do not offer refunds. The Wise-UP Collaboration Program is for teachers who understand the value of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation to achieve their most cherished dream of teaching in the US.

When you join the Wise-UP Collaboration Program, you're a Teach-USAsian for life!

And that's why by paying $257, you're getting a massive $1750 worth of value back. That's our "return" policy!