Our services provide opportunities.


Teach-USA is an employment facilitation agency led by a group of professionals who have an extraordinary commitment to provide highly qualified teachers to every classroom in New Mexico and nearby states. Yes, New Mexico is in USA.

In these times of financial crisis and teacher shortages, Teach-USA strives to fill the need of school districts by reducing costs in recruitment-related expenses. Teach-USA connects with districts and make strong partnerships in hiring highly qualified teachers to fill the need of every classroom.

What Teach-USA do for Teachers

Teach-USA provides an opportunity for teachers to become highly qualified teachers (HQT). We deliver top notch services so teachers will pass the rigorous licensing process, help them in every step moving forward and finally we connect them with school districts in need.

All school districts, however, have 100% active participation in the talent search. Teachers will undergo interviews with human resources, district representatives, and principals (depending on the district's style of hiring) online or offline before being hired. Districts will decide who they will give a letter of intent for SY 18-19, not Teach-USA.

What Teach-USA do for School Districts

Teach-USA partners with school districts in New Mexico and nearby states and provides them with opportunities to hire highly qualified teachers.

Districts will have 100% active participation in the talent search from our pool of Filipino teachers who have gone through a rigorous screening process, passed preliminary interviews, and are all fully licensed, ready and excited to teach in New Mexico.